We have all heard the saying “You get what you pay for”. Paying for an experienced auctioneer will save you headaches in organization, and earn you significantly more money for your planning. Michael is not just an experienced auctioneer; he is one of the best in his field. A great auctioneer will assist your organization with details of an auction that can make it both fun for the audience and more profitable for the organization. A mediocre auctioneer might not be able to control the room, or generate enough enthusiasm to create excitement and the audience will become bored. A “Personality from radio or TV who volunteers to do an auction will leave thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t have the know how to generate bids.


Having an experienced Emcee can change the entire energy and focus of an event.  When people are socializing and having fun it can be difficult to capture the attention of  the room.  Mike will use proven techniques to captivate the audience and make sure they are participating and focused on the cause associated with your organization.  This gives the  presenters/speakers confidence  on stage, knowing the crowd  is with them.  This includes announcements during the silent auction portion  that can ensure items get the attention they deserve, while reminding guest why they are there!

Raise The Paddle

It has been called many things before but “raise the paddle” is the straight cash donation portion of any fundraiser.  Asking people for donations like this can be either a huge boost that takes your event to the next level or it can be a sad flop.  This is where Mike the auctioneer excels like no other.  Raise the paddle must be done with confidence, timing and gentle encouragement to get the top patrons to set the bar high.  Once the big money donors start the bids rolling, enthusiasm and excitement can get everyone in the room to dig down for one more donation.

Unlimited Consultation

Whether your event is a year away or right around the corner, Mike will be there to bounce ideas off of or to answer questions.  Having an experienced event planner can save time and money.  During our consultations we will go though  every aspect of your fundraiser to make sure the event runs smooth. You have to plan your work before you can work your plan!

Auction Design

When planning your event, one key component is the design and layout of the room.  During the silent auction there should be a strategy in place to make sure the flow of the room is consistent with bringing in the most $$’s.  As for the live auction, there are many ways to ensure seating and viewing  is correct to maximize the engagement of the audience.  Working with event coordinators at your venues and assessing the room beforehand is an essential part of any planning.

Pre-Event Evaluation

Planning an event has many nuance that can make a big difference in the amount of $$’s generated.  From AV equipment being used, to color coordinating the silent auction into sections, there are many ways to succeed and pitfalls to avoid.  This should be done 3-6 months prior to an event if possible to make sure there is time to schedule the appropriate vendors.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the backbone to any successful fundraiser. With support of your organization they make the event happen, but  inexperienced people can cause confusion among bidders if they are not all on the same page.  Training can make a huge difference in getting bids higher and answering questions for the guests.