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Michael Casacci is a Western New York native that had a calling to the stage as a master story teller and entertainer since the fifth grade.    He has spent the last decade on stage traveling the world hosting thousands of auctions and educating the public to maximize bids at his events.  His unique ability to “tell the story” of the organization he is working for, has allowed him to raise over 100 million dollars in during his auctions. He doesn’t work for auction houses, he works for the charity or school or event that needs to raise money for a cause.  Michael’s ability to engage the audience and command control of the room has made his auctions a fun filled experience that leaves the audience enthralled and asking for more.

Why Choose Me

A whole different class of auctioneer

We have all heard the saying “You get what you pay for”, Paying for an experienced auctioneer will save you headaches in planning, and earn you significantly more money for your organization. Michael is not just an experienced auctioneer; he is one of the best in his field. A great auctioneer will assist your organization with details of an auction that can make it both fun for the audience and more profitable for the auction. A mediocre auctioneer might not be able to control the room, or generate enough enthusiasm to create excitement and the audience will become bored. A “Personality from radio or TV who volunteers to do an auction will leave thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t have the know how to generate bids.

Mike brings the passion, energy, and organization to your event like no other auctioneer. Watch a sample video to see the kind of energy can bring to your event, and the kind of laughter and money he can bring out of your attendees.

Mike is focused on fair pricing and full transparency. You’ll increase earnings far more than the cost, and he’s in it to work with you in the long run. Contact him today for full details and flexible options.

My Services

Inquiry today about any of the common auction services listed below, or other possibilities for your upcoming event.


Live auctioning of any item.

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Hosting all organization and execution aspects of your event.

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Raise The Paddle

Straight cash donations to any portion of the fundraiser for event maximization!

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Unlimited Consultation

Unlimited Consultation via phone, email & Skype.

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Auction Design

Recommendations for items, packaging, pricing display, promotion.

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Pre-Event Evaluation

Everything from seating arrangement to live auction item order and pricing.

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Volunteer Training

Training volunteers to work the room for the auction.

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